Grip~it~Strips® provide the best grip against dropping the most expensive item you carry around, your Laptop!

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What are Grip-it-Strips®?

How Do They Work?

Grip-it-Strips® are a set of high-tech, slip resistant textured strips with self adhesive backing that attach to the top and bottom of your Laptop Computer to give you a 10X better grip! They provide protection from that unexpected slip out of your hands (or anyone else's hands) onto the floor and possibly badly damaging your device.

Finger laying across multiple Grip-it-Strips®

Insurance studies have shown that thousands of laptops a day are damaged from all forms of handling accidents, and the cost to repair exceeds Hundreds of Dollars. With the increased usage of laptops around the home, on the road, in free wifi hotspots, or handling at airport security check points by gloved personnel there is significant added risk that your laptop will eventually be dropped. Grip-it-Strips® provide the best solution!

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Four Colors

Available in 4 Colors

Available in Black, Gray, Purple, & Teal.

Fits most devices

Fits Most Devices

Each strip is 8 inches long, but they can easily be cut to fit smaller devices.

Four Colors

Create Your Own Design

Each sheet also contains smaller shapes that can be used along with the longer strips to create unique designs.

Patented Texture

Patented Texture

Our patented texture makes gripping your device easy. You can hold most laptops with just two fingers!

Completely Removable

Completely Removable

Our adhesive is completely removable and will not mar the surface of your device.

Minimal Thickness

Minimal Thickness

Grip-it-Strips® are only 1/24th of an inch thick, about the thickness of a CD.

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