How do Grip-it-Strips® work?

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Patented Design

The increased grasp and handle-ability is achieved with our patented slip-resistant texture and serpentine multi-strip design that allows the fingers to conform around the edges of multiple strips creating a firm mechanical hold on the edges of the strips. Just like tire treads!

They provide a "Better Grip" than any other product on the market!!

The design is engineered to provide continuous anti-slip gripping action as the portable is picked up and moves through any range of movements.

Designed for all sizes of Laptops & Tablets, Grip-it-Strips® are not a replacement for carrying cases, but provide incredible amount of added protection and ease of secure handling.

Mix, Design & Stick

Available in four colors, each package has a die cut sheet of Grip-it-Strips®® sufficient to cover the top and bottom of smaller portables. Two packs are recommended for the larger, 15 & 17" models. Each sheet contains seven long, wavy strips, plus eight circles, and six ovals. You can mix and match colors and shapes to make your own, unique designs.

The strips are about 1/24 of an inch thick, the thickness of a CD. They are removable and will not mar the surfaces and are easily cut to adapt to any surface geometries or openings.

Grip-it-Strips® is a registered trademark of Better Hold Products, multiple patents on both the design and application of appliqués for gripping on ALL types of Electronic Gear.

* Loss Statistics were developed by Safeware, The Insurance Agency, Inc., a leader in insurance coverage for computers.

At only $8.95Grip-it-Strips® is the "Best" protection for the most expensive item you carry around, your Laptop!

Like seat belts, start using them "Before" the accident!

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Peace of Mind

It is generally not known that thousands of Laptops & tablets are damaged everyday from handling accidents resulting in incredible aggravation and high cost to repair the cracked screens and broken hard drives. Unfortunately people are generally too embarrassed to talk about their clumsiness and the Laptop Makers don't advertise the losses.


Provides INCREASED PROTECTION for all Laptop owners and especially airline passengers on the move schlepping their Laptops through inspection points at airports and using them at available Hot Spots.

With today's level of security surveillance, all passengers carrying laptops must quickly remove them from carrying cases and put them under scanners and possibly have guards with gloved hands pick them up to swab them for chemicals. This creates a very high degree of added risk that your laptop WILL BE DROPPED!

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