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Grip-It-Strips® have been reported and recommended by the Editors of major PC and Consumer magazines and Consumer Advocates such as Newsweek, Laptop, HomePC, MacHome, MacMonthly, EDN, Palmtop News, Wired, HotWired, KQED Public TV, CompuDudes Public Radio/TV Talk Show, Andrew Seybold's Outlook on Mobile Computing, and The Chronicle of Higher Education just to name a few…

"How often do you find a mobile accessory that is really fun? The Grip-It Strips are available in 5 different colors and I can honestly say you should order some of each color. These are a definite recommended mobile gear accessory."

- Catherine Roseberry Read the full About.com review

“If you've ever had the dubious pleasure of sitting in an airport with your notebook computer on your lap, you probably know that sinking feeling, tinged with sheer terror, as your computer starts to slip. If you're like me, you make an awkward lunge for it, as your Slurpy/chili-dog airport Health-E-Meal flies into the air, accompanied by a surge of adrenaline and a combination scream/ expletive. I've never had a notebook hit the floor yet, but until I discovered Grip-it Strips, it was only a matter of time. This product is one of those smack-your-forehead creations, usually accompanied by the words, "Why didn't I think of that?" Grip-it-Strips are self-adhering, slip-resistant strips that you can attach to the top and bottom of your computer (or other items) to ensure a secure grip. The strips are decorative, available in several colors, and easily cut to size. I've placed Grip-it-Strips on my laptop computers, my camera, PDA, and my cell phone. They're only $8.95, so you really can't afford NOT to attach them to objects you treasure, though my cat still isn't speaking to me. A tip of the Mr. Modem fedora to the good folks at Better Hold Products for this ingenious and very useful product.”

- Mr. Modem Squeal of Approval

“These colorful adhesive strips have a non-skid surface that helps keep your laptop from slipping out of your hands or off of your lap. TSA employees at the security check points have praised the strips for being safer in handling your laptop computers in and out of the carrier bins going through the X-ray machines. We give this product 10 thumbs up out of 10!”

Chuck Blethen, RoadNews.com

"Grip~It Strips® are one of those inventions that seem like they should have been invented the day after the first laptop was built...when it fell off the lab bench and onto the floor. We recommend Grip-It- Strips® to everyone that has a laptop, they are invaluable!"

- Peter Cook, CompuDudes(R) Public Radio/TV Show Commentary

"I have been using Grip-It-Strips® from Better Hold Products for years now and highly recommend them to prevent potential destruction of your PowerBook from a slip and drop."

- Jason O'Grady of O'Grady's POWERPAGE (www.powerpage.org)

"I find your product to be of excellent quality and design. I like the texture and thickness of the strips, finding them to be a pleasant contrast to the smooth surface of the Powerbook. The color is also a pleasing offset to the Laptop's conservative black case. Your product is simple, elegant, economical, and functional. I found them to be a genuine reassurance-- perhaps, for a computer, the next best thing to blessed assurance."

- Bishop Auxentios, St.Gregory Palamas Monastery, CA

"I chose the black version because it blends nicely with the color of my ThinkPad. The difference is amazing. It is easier to pick up and carry the ThinkPad, and I highly recommend Grip~It Strips® for any piece of equipment that has to be gripped."

- James T. Norman, Andrew Seybold's OUTLOOK

"The neat thing about American entrepreneurs is that they fix problems we didn't know we had. Case in point: the Grip~It Strips®"

- Cyberscope, NEWSWEEK

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